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Welcome to Validitas Bonafid, PT your best solution is here ….

We are legally and reputable Recruitment & Placement Service Company, located in Indonesia. Our company focuses in hiring of professional Hotelier and qualified crew member base on their field. Holding the Certification of Seafarer Manning Office awarded by Certification body BUREAU VERITAS, we are MLC 2006 Certified and comply the regulation.

To make sure the standard of the qualification and maintaining of the worker, as per our client/customer satisfaction we proudly present our Hospitality Training Center, was established for reliable printing workers in the field of hospitality and functioned to obtain professional certification and training to improve the ability of worker.

The team of our professionals to be the official recruitment agency for your company in Indonesia to operates an extremely thorough and efficient selection process to ensure that only the very best candidates are presented.

To further strengthen of ValiditasBonafid labor supply to your company in accordance with the requirements specified and it’s positioning in the aspects of recruitment reliability, and integrity of providing highly qualified workers and to establish that your company can employ multi-national workers in the Industry.




Boris Asman


Brief of Introduction

ValiditasBonafid is known as Hospitality Recruitment & Placement Service Company. The company established with the foundation of caring and honesty which we have created become the motto of the company as a cornerstone in establishing good relationships with clients/partner and workers who had been providing excellent contributions from both parties in the cooperation and service.

Founded in September 2013, by Boris Asman and Virginia Stanica and has hired of people in different fields according to the capabilities and expertise. Currently the company has developed the business by establishing a Hospitality College to support the advancement and maintaining the quality standards of the workers to prepare them in accordance with the standards required by the client / employer/ Partner.

Company highly reputable and internationally recognized recruitment and manning agency legally licensed and based in Indonesia. Registration of Limited Company for VALIDITAS BONAFID, PT Number: 120217802055. Provides experienced and qualified Crew for Hotel, Deck & Engine department and Catering to all types of vessels and Hospitality Industry owned and operated by Clients as well as Our policy is to develop and maintain individual quality crew for our Clients and providing a professional and personalized crewing and Staffing service.



To be one of the best trusted Recruitment & Manning agencies, Consultant and Training center in Asia, through customer satisfaction.


To ensure all the clients are totally satisfied by the services provided, always improve and develop the high standard of our services





  • Our Main office is located in a very strategic city in Indonesia (Yogyakarta).
  • The office will be able to interacting with your representative in Indonesia in order to search, recruit, provide training in an international standard for Hotel operation, and to process the qualified skill worker all over our country.
  • Our office is also in possession of licenses to prepare human resources development training to fulfill required workers for land base hotel operations and other fields around the world.
  • Indonesia has the potential to be market leader in the labor supply of the world.
  • Indonesia has 200 million populations and has the largest archipelago in the Asian region.
  • Located strategically in the southern part of Asia.

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Our Client / Partner

  • Bahamas Paradise Cruise Land
  • Peace Boat
  • RMC Consulring
  • HRC International
  • Ryan Educating Consulting